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  1. TIMOTHY PETERS, No. 17 Toyota Tundra, Red Horse Racing
    How does it feel to return to Iowa Speedway as the points leader and most recent Iowa race winner?
    "It's cool coming back to a place for the second time where you won and have a lot of memories. I have a night win that you can bring into tomorrow night -- a lot of momentum, not only from my side but for the team. Definitely the energy from the time we got on the plane to coming in the garage area has been really cool. I liked Iowa before we won and I like it even better that we won. Just cool to be back. The position that we're in and hopefully when we leave here tomorrow night we can have a respectable finish and hopefully come away with another win and try to keep a pad on this points."

    What has this season been like for you?
    "I think it is pretty cool being in the top-five, definitely from my point of view. This year versus last year, we're in a way better position. Obviously it's a bonus that we're leading the points, but we only have three or four finishes outside the top-10 with eight races to go and we've sat on the pole and won two races. We just try to keep that mentality going forward. It's definitely, as far as my year goes, a career year for me. I hope I can keep it going and the cards are dealt and nobody knows until we get to Homestead -- just hope that Ace pops up at Homestead when the checkered flag falls."

    How important is track position at Iowa to contend for the victory?
    "I think clean air means a lot here, probably more critical here than anywhere we go. It's one of the few tracks that we go to where I feel like mechanical and aero is somewhat equal. It's kind of cool that the stat is the winner started from the pole. We're definitely going to go in and try to get the best start that we can and stay up there to keep that stat going. We don't want to change it, but if we have to start last and win it, I'll be okay with that too."

    How do you decide which chassis to bring to a race?
    "It isn't that we have one particular chassis that is designated, you know what I mean? At Red Horse (Racing), the truck that Parker (Kligerman) is driving this weekend is the truck I ran at Michigan. To answer your question, I just feel like when our guys picked 93, the chassis that we've had a lot of success with this year, it's been really responsive to changes and it makes it even more enticing when you win with it. If we could get it ready and take it to all 22 races, just because in my mind it settles better because I know I've ran better with this truck. We have the chassis that we won here and Bristol -- we have it back for this weekend -- and we'll try to keep the morale going."

    Why have you had so much success this season compared to previous years in the series?
    "It's a lot of little things that at the end of the day have made a piece of the puzzle a lot bigger. The Iowa race earlier this year, I looked at it last year as a reset button for Butch Hylton (crew chief) and myself. Well, by the time we really started over and got to Homestead, we were out of races and we were just getting the communication a lot better. The gap that was there is now closed. Our trucks were getting better. I was more comfortable in the seat -- we were communicating. In the off-season, what we learned -- he really went to work with all the crew chiefs in the building and just really started making bodies better, chassis better, underbody. We have Joe Gibbs engines this year. I wanted to get -- not that I was in bad shape -- try to get in a little bit better shape. Just letting the guys know if they're going the extra mile, I want to go the extra mile
    with them. At the end of the day, it's been a lot of little things that have really contributed to our success this year and it's been cool so far."

    Are there any race tracks you'd like to see added to the NCWTS schedule?
    "I agree with Parker (Kligerman) as far as adding the races back. I'd like to see 25 races. I'd like to see kind of more towards the short track that are shorter to the headquarters of all the teams. Just talk, nothing has been in concrete, you hear of one day shows literally within four hours of the race shop and that's going teching, practicing, no qualifying and starting the race on how you (practice). I'm kind of game for that. You know, it's kind of like when you get to these bigger tracks, and I like mile-and-a-half's and Parker likes mile-and-a-half's, everybody in the garage area likes mile-and-a-half's, but it's a necessary evil that the faster you go, the more money you have to spend."

    What will pit strategy look like for this weekend's race?
    "I don't know. If you go back off of the first race, one stop and you definitely have to take four tires with just the way the track is. Even though it has aged, it has a ton of grip and they pump the epoxy in turn one and the bump is a lot better. In my opinion, the track has so much grip, you kind of shoot yourself in the foot and we saw that a couple of times earlier this year. My opinion would be four (tires) with one stop."

    Are you looking forward to heading to Kentucky next weekend?
    "I feel like Kentucky is right around the corner. We came oh so close at Chicago last month and we had a great run earlier this year at Kentucky. Kentucky is challenging. We have four mile-and-a-half's left on the schedule and that is, as a company, what Red Horse Racing needs no matter who gets it. Parker (Kligerman) has definitely stepped in and been in contention to win at Michigan, not only at Bristol and Atlanta. He definitely brings a lot of the energy there that I can learn off of him as well as Todd (Bodine). We have a good thing going. I feel like I've focused on trying to make myself better (on those types of tracks). It's not that I don't like them, I just haven't had much success. Trying to change that and
    hopefully we get that next week."

    PARKER KLIGERMAN, No. 7 Toyota Tundra, Red Horse Racing
    What has the transition been like to Red Horse Racing?
    "Anytime you switch teams or go to a new team at the start of the season, you think that there's a grace period where you kind of get to know each other or have to get that working relationship going. But, with Red Horse (Racing) and the preparation that they had on this No. 7 truck and my crew chief Chad Kendrick, we just gelled right away and it's shown on the race track. Obviously, with three top-fives in a row. I think we've gone like 15 more points than anyone else in the series over the last three races which is good for the championship. I think the grace period is over and it's time to win. It's just, as I said, a testament to the preparation of these guys and the resources that Toyota puts into it is really amazing."

    What is it like racing against your teammate Timothy Peters for the NCWTS championship?
    "It's exciting to be a part of the championship fight. That's what we all work for. Obviously, for Timothy (Peters) and myself running out of the same building right now, he's the man to beat. He's the points leader, he's won races this year, he's obviously been very consistent. The 17 team is one of those underrated teams in this sport, I feel like in a lot of ways, over the last few years. They're showing how powerful they are right now. For us in the 7 team, it's about -- as we gel there and we got through those first few races we're focusing on winning and the bonus will be putting ourselves in contention for that championship. At the end of the day, I think overall for Red Horse Racing it's pretty cool to have two bulls in the fight
    whereas most teams don't really have that."

    Does your ARCA win at Iowa Speedway in 2009 benefit you this weekend?
    "Anywhere you win you get a little bit more confidence. It doesn't matter if you lucked into the win, if it was a fuel mileage win, for whatever reason if you win at a place and you see that checkered flag before anyone else, you kind of walk in there with a little bit more swagger in your step. I guess this place I kind of look at as a place I've won at. I've run well in the Nationwide car and I've run well in the Truck and I think it's a place that I feel like I can go out and just win. I can lead laps, I can win here if I have the right truck or the right equipment. Obviously, Timothy (Peters) being the winner here already this year, great job to them. We have a lot of their information from that win and hopefully we can put all of those
    things together in the 7 truck to run upfront this weekend."

    What is the pressure like to get your first NASCAR win and what would it be like get it at Iowa Speedway?
    "I guess you said it best, I don't have a NASCAR win. Obviously, I've won races in other series. I've won in everything I've driven up to this point, but in a lot of ways I haven't been in the position to win a NASCAR race. I haven't been in the opportunity to win races. Very rarely have I been in a car that's won races or a truck. The truck team that I was with before has never won and I drove the Nationwide car a couple of times for Penske. Right now, with the situation that I'm in, obviously Timothy (Peters) is winning -- everyone that's been with this team has won. It's kind of one of those situations where if you don't win you're in trouble, but the way we've been running and the way I see everything progressing I see no
    reason that we won't go out there and get that first win. Hopefully, I feel like, when we get that first win it will be like a waterfall afterwards because once you see that checkered flag you prove it to yourself, you prove it to your team and hopefully they come a little easier after that."

    What is the pit strategy Saturday night's race?
    "Watching the Nationwide race and some of the races from here earlier, obviously Goodyear has been trying to build us a tire here that adds to the racing and adds to the show -- and not to give too much away -- but that left side is very hard and it doesn't really wear that much and so obviously two tires is viable. But, as Timothy (Peters) said, it's pretty much a one-stop race and in a lot of ways if you could just get four, come in for one stop at a certain point with it only being 200 laps, you could make it to the end there."

    Would you like to see more races on the NCWTS schedule next year?
    "First off, I'd say we've got to add Canada -- we've got to go to Canada. We need to expand to Canada, there's no doubt about that. I think that's a market untapped for the sport and in a lot of ways I feel like if we went to Montreal you could double-head it with the Nationwide cars, but obviously that's road course racing. So, if we go road course racing in Canada, we obviously -- to make it financially viable for the race teams, I think it needs to be a second road course. I think Road America is obviously a place that has been doing well with the Nationwide Series. It would be great to add that doubleheader also. And, then from there I think going back to Darlington. I thought that was an amazing show last year, being a part of that and just being a part of the Truck Series at Darlington. I see no reason we shouldn't go back there. And, in all honesty, I think 25 races is the perfect amount for this series and hopefully they can get back there with those things."

    Would you like to see more short tracks added to the schedule?
    "The short tracks -- the way they've talked about it, it is so much more financially viable for these race teams. I think anything that adds that lowering the budget for these race teams and adding an easier way for us to get to the race track just overall lowers that budget for us and allows more competition and more people enter the sport."

    Are you looking forward to racing at Kentucky next week?
    "Kentucky, to me, is one of the coolest mile-and-a-half's we go to. It's very unique and I think anything that we can go to that is unique just adds for the drivers more fun. It makes it more on our crews and on us to rise up to the level at the race track, finding the right setup and finding the things that make you fast there. Kentucky being as big and flat, but then also as bumpy as it is just adds a whole new couple of elements that we don't really run into a lot of places especially in the mile-and-a-half era. With that said, I think with Red Horse Racing's lack of a win on a mile-and-a-half, I don't think it's by any means lack of effort from what I've seen being here for the last few weeks. I think, as I said, just for the 7 truck winning I think the mile-and-half win is right around the corner because these trucks are excellent. The Joe Gibbs Racing motors are excellent, Toyota putting all of the resources that they have from the wind tunnel, the shaker rig and all of those things. I see no reason that we wouldn't go out there and -- and also Todd Bodine being as good as he is on the mile-and-a-half's and adding what he has to the race team - I think there's no reason we can't go out there and get that mile-and-a-half win."

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