NASCAR Inspection Process Goes High-Tech

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  1. By Stan Creekmore -

    CHARLOTTE, NC - This year is going to be a landmark year in NASCAR racing not just in the cars and on the racetrack. There is a major step into the future taking place in the inspection process.

    One of the most important processes in the inspection process at each race is the process which checks the shape and location of the body. In the past the process included multiple inspection points checked by multiple officials.

    Those days are gone.

    Along with the development of the Gen-6 race car has been the development of the inspection process. The newest development now in place is the use of a laser device which measures “40 different positions”. The device, while similar to a process used in the Formula One series, is massive steps ahead.

    “There is no other system like this used in any other form of racing,” exclaimed John Darby, Managing Director of Competition and the Director of Sprint Cup Series.

    The race teams have known of the impending inspection change for close to six months. The media, and those who will visit the garage area during the races are getting a first look.

    You can take all the photos you like or video, but don't expect to see anything special other than the device which the cars rolls onto during the process. Laser beams, without the use of smoke, are basically invisible.

    So, as the cars on the track will look much closer to those racing down the interstates, the inspection process is going to look more and more like processes one would only expect to see in the movies.

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