Budweiser Shootout Crash Quotes - Matt Kenseth

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  1. MATT KENSETH – No. 17 Best Buy Ford Fusion – “I think the 20 spun out or somebody spun the 20 out. I really don’t know because I thought I had the wreck cleared and then I got hit from behind and just kind of turned into the fence.” DOES THIS TELL US ANYTHING ABOUT WHAT WE’LL SEE IN THE 500? “Yeah, I think this is pretty much exactly like it was before the two-car tandem. This is kind of like what pack racing is, except we’re going quite a bit faster. The car has quite a bit of grip and we’re going really fast, the closing rate is really fast, so it’s about what I expected.” DID NASCAR ACHIEVE IT’S GOAL BY SWITCHING THE PACKAGE? “That’s hard for me to say because I don’t know what their goal was exactly. Certainly, if the goal was to get rid of the two-car tandem, it seemed to do that pretty good. This is pretty much how the racing used to be, except we’re going a lot faster. There’s a lot of grip here with that big plate, but that’s pretty much how the racing was before the evolution of the two-car tandem.”

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