Brad Keselowski Injured In Crash During Testing At Road Atlanta

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  1. Penske Racing driver Brad Keselowski suffered injuries to he left leg and ankle when he crashed Wednesday during testing at Road Atlanta.

    Via twitter, @Keselowski said he was running about 155 mph into a corner when his brakes failed. The car slowed to 100 mph before crashing head-on into a non-safer barrier wall.

    Keselowski was airlifted to an Atlanta area hospital.

    "Looks like I'll be ok to race this weekend. Blue deuce, not so much. I'll keep u posted." said Keselowski by twitter. He also said x-rays were good, but his left ankle is swollen and he has a scrape on the inside of his left leg, near the knee.

    Keselowski posted this picture of his injured left ankle.

    keselowski injury 2.jpg
    Photo Courtesy: Brad Keselowski

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